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Reviews are taken seriously by the Wedding & Event Network. Please state objective facts supporting your point of view in your review. You are required to be the actual client or customer of the business for which you are writing the review. We love to hear great things about the venues and vendors listed on the directory. Sometimes for various reasons things don't work out perfectly so lower reviews happen. What I don't accept are anonymous bad reviews, most of the time provided by competitors, and bad reviews written by trolls. Please, don't be a troll. All reviews are investigated and copy provided to the venue or vendor which review has been written about before we publish reviews. Venues and vendors do not have to participate in this "Reviews" program. Generally speaking, those who do are proud of the hard work and superior services they provide and are willing to participate in the Reviews program. My goal is to post reviews which are honest, objective and provided by actual clients or customers for the benefit of my website visitors.


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