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I recently (March 12, 2015) found another vendor who does not have their business professionally set-up. Unfortunately, this particular vendor chose to make false representations to my wedding planning client regarding liability insurance. This vendor my client wanted to use is NOT one of my preferred vendors.

I had made several phone and email inquiries to this vendor on my client's behalf requesting a "Certificate of Liability Insurance" which is required by the venue. After waiting several days, the vendor eventually sent me a cell phone snapshot of her application for business property insurance. I contacted the vendor again to explain exactly what the venue requirement was. Of course, this entire time the vendor is representing to both me and my client that she has liability insurance.

Looking over the snapshot of the form the vendor sent to my client, I saw that the date wasn't correct and the bottom left-hand section of the form was covered with a white piece of paper with tape over it. It appears that vendor was required to have the liability insurance at a previous venue and the vendor chose to touch up that certificate and fraudulently try to pass this off to my client and her venue. The vendor claimed she had never been requested to produce liability insurance in the past. But yet presented us with a doctored form.

My client chose to cancel the services of the vendor and chose to use one of my preferred vendors instead. My preferred vendors are established professionals in the Chattanooga area and have been in business for many years. My preferred vendors maintain liability insurance and are properly licensed for business. Competent business professionals who are responsible vendors and who have no reason to attempt defrauding their customers.

It is really sad when a business owner chooses not to acquire liability insurance. It is most certainly worth the cost. I do not know of any attorneys or certified public accountants who would advise a business owner against it. Many wedding and event venues require that vendors submit the Certificate of Liability Insurance before the venue will allow those vendors on the premises. This makes it extremely important to make sure your chosen vendors do provide any required business documents to venues in a timely manner. It is so very easy to get liability insurance and a smart business thing to do.

I should also point out to any vendors who don't have liability insurance and who claims to have it and then even attempts to provide fraudulent documents to deceive customers and venues will be placed on a list of vendors that we do NOT do business with. Any of my future clients who wish to use this vendor I will have to inform of this situation to provide them some consumer protection.


Certificate of Liability Insurance

Here is an example of what a Certificate of Liability Insurance looks like.

The usual procedure to produce the Certificate of Liability Insurance is that the vendor contacts the insurance company and tells them to send copy of it to the venue which requires it. Done.

There are other venues which also require the vendor be properly licensed and/or acquire special permits. Of course, when I'm the wedding planner I assist the vendors as needed to help ensure you will enjoy the wedding day of your dreams.

There are vendors I have found who also do not have business licenses as well as no liability insurance. For whatever their reasons, some of these "professionals" do not want to get properly licensed and insured!

Also for your own protection, I recommend Wedding Insurance.



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