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What is Google maps Business View?

Google Maps Business View is a premium-quality 360° virtual tour of your business powered by Google Street View technology. Business View appears on Google Search, Google Maps, Google + Local business pages and Google Maps for Mobile. Business View is exclusively provided by Google Trusted Independent Photographers and Agencies, certified and trained by Google, and using professional-grade equipment.


• Enhance your online content with beautiful 360-degree panoramic pictures and professional-quality high-resolution still photographs.
• Increase your search rank with rich media content that gives a boost in most major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
• Increase your web traffic businesses may experience 15-20% more impressions and up to 50% more click-throughs from search.
• Engage with customers who can now walk-through and experience your business using the familiar Street View navigation.
• Influence customer decision-making during the search and discovery process by inviting customers into your business online.
• Share the images on your own website and social media via the Maps API or by simply embedding an HTML code in your website.
• Photos and virtual tours appear on Google Search, Google Maps, Google + Local and Google Maps for Mobile.
• You own the rights to your photos and virtual tours. You can share them or use them for marketing/advertising as you see fit.
• One-time marketing expense that yields ongoing results; hosting is free and there is no monthly or annual fee for anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Maps Business View?
Google Maps Business View (GMBV) is a 360° virtual self-guided tour and professional Point-of-Interest (POI) photos of your business, using Google Street View technology and appearing on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Local. GMBV is only available through Google-certified Trusted Independent Photographers.

Is it a video?  How is it different from video?
No. it's not a video. With video, viewers can only "play" and "pause." Business View lets your customers "walk through" your business at their own pace, taking time to stop and look around. They get to see your atmosphere and really get a feel for who you are and what you do.

Is it for online shopping or e-commerce?
No. The purpose of Business View is to let people see the atmosphere and decor of your business. E-commerce is best done through an e-commerce website or app.

How can I use it to promote my business?
You can embed it on your own website, share it through social media, use linked QR codes in your print ads, etc. When someone asks to see your facilities you can send them to the tour.

What areas of my business will be covered in the tour?
A GMBV virtual tour covers all customer-accessible areas. Areas that are only accessible by staff and other employees are not covered.

How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the size and layout of the business, but generally ranges from $400-$2,000. It depends on the number of photospheres necessary to create a full walk-through tour of the business. A retail store or showroom with lots of aisles & displays will need more photospheres than a restaurant or gym with lots of wide-open spaces. 

Are there any hidden costs or additional fees?
No. Once you've paid for the creation of the tour, there are no additional costs or fees.

Who owns it?  Who owns the rights to it?

Google Owns the virtual tour. You own the POI photos and the rights to use the tour and POI photos for marketing, advertising, and any other uses you see fit. Virtual360 retains the right to use the tour and photos for promotional purposes.

Where does it show up?

The virtual tour and POI photos are hosted on Google Maps. They are linked and displayed on your Google+ Local business page, and they show up in the Knowledge Graph in Google Search.

What if there are people present when the tour is photographed?

Google doesn't allow any recognizable faces in GMBV, so anyone present will have their face blurred for anonymity.

Why is Google Maps Business View better than other 360° virtual tours?
Google has taken steps to ensure the quality of GMBV virtual tours through the training & certification of their photographers, the required use of approved equipment, and their proprietary stitching software. In addition, only official GMBV virtual tours are hosted on Google Maps and appear in Google Search and on Google+ Local pages.

Does it affect my Search Engine Ranking?
SER is affected by a wide variety of factors, including visual imagery. A GMBV virtual tour adds rich visual imagery to your online presence, which will boost your search rank. Online activity also affects SER, so embedding it on your website and sharing it through social media will help. Maintaining regular activity on your Google+ page is also a contributing factor.

How do I know if it's bringing in business?  How can I track the ROI?

​ You can track it through increased traffic on your Google+ Local page. You can track it through increased traffic from Google Search to your website. By embedding it on your website you can track it through page views and retention. By sharing it on social media you can track it through the response of your followers. Many new customers coming through the door will tell you they decided to come in after taking the virtual tour. Because it's a one-time expense, your ROI will continue to improve over time.

What types of locations are eligible for Business view?
​A variety of locations are eligible including restaurants, salons, gyms, retail stores, department stores, auto repair shops, art galleries, auto dealerships, corporate offices, government offices, leasing offices, and more.

Dental clinics, laser clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, physical therapy centers, ultrasound centers and Pre-K to 12 schools are eligible if they are open during the daytime only and have no residential facility.

Places of historical, cultural, thematic and tourism significance are eligible, but may have already been claimed by Google's Special Collects Department. These places include (this list is not exhaustive) churches, museums, castles, tourism centers and repositories of ancient historical and cultural artifacts.

Apartments, homes, hospitals, medical clinics, mental health clinics, abortion clinics, trauma centers, rehabilitation centers, addiction treatment centers, police/military facilities, detention centers and jails are not eligible.

How is the tour created?  What kind of equipment is used?
Google Trusted Independent Photographers use approved DSLR cameras and fisheye lenses to take a series of hi-res HDR photographs. Google uses its own proprietary stitching software to combine the photos into a virtual tour.

My Google Maps / Search / + listing is incorrect. Can you help me fix it?
Yes. In many cases, we can submit corrections to your business's Google information. These corrections are usually live within 72 hours. ​

My Google Maps Street View imagery is old. Can you update it?
No. Google sets their own schedule for Street View updates, usually once every few years.


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