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ZookbindersGet ready! There are literally hundreds of wedding album manufacturers and dozens of wedding album design and assembly businesses. Almost any style, color, size, layout, textures and more you can imagine . . . can be created into a wedding album.

Since there are so many wedding albums available, many professional photographers do not provide wedding albums. Those photographers will provide you the full resolution, retouched and copyright released images to enjoy and share as well as enable you to get your album(s) later. Most often photographers will provide the images to you on a personalized pen drive or M-disc.

Some online album design and assembly services work exclusively for professional wedding photographers. But there are still a large variety and growing number of these businesses who serve couples directly. These companies will save you money on your wedding album as well since your professional photographer is not a middleman. So you may easily get great wedding album design and a professionally constructed album without forcing your photographer to have to charge you any middleman fees for being involved in the process.

Wedding album design by Wedding Photographics

Two other of my most recommended wedding album design and assembly companies are Zookie and Somerset. Both provide very high-end quality wedding album design directly to couples who have their full resolution JPEGs available for uploading or DVD delivery to the company.

Zookie Wedding Album

Photo Caption: Above a Zookie Wedding Album


Price. Don't be too surprised that a wedding album so well engineered and constructed to last a long time and provide many years of viewing pleasure start at around $500. And this is the price directly from the company without any photographer's middleman fees.

Somerset Professional Wedding Album
Photo Caption: Somerset Professional Wedding Album


There are also a good number of professional wedding photographers who do provide full services. Wedding album design and assembly is part of that.

There are so many talented wedding photographers available these days. Since computers, software and camera equipment have come down in price during the last three to five years, you can pretty easily find a professional wedding photographer who charges reasonably for his or her services.

While the national average price for a pro wedding photographer was $2,700 during 2016 - keep in mind that most often included wedding albums, engagement session and more as well.

Wedding albums, portrait sessions, gallery wrap wall portraits and more can always be ordered later from your photographer or third-party services if you have the full resolution JPEGs.

Final thoughts. A beautiful wedding album easily becomes a cherished family heirloom. Something that will be thrilling to share with children as they grow older asking about mom and dad. Also passed down through generations for family history.




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